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[The following are transcripts from video blogs (a.k.a. vlogs) from username ‘Sky Girl’, real name Skye Jameson.]

{Vlog dated 3/14/20XX}
*the video begins with Skye sitting in front of her computer, the webcam focusing on her. She has long blonde hair streaked blue and pink. Her apparel is a yellow, sleeveless blouse with the phrase, “n00bies” written across the chest. Her ears bare several piercings along with a ring on the left side of her nose. She stares at the camera through wire-rimmed glasses and a smile across her face. The room behind her is mostly dark. The only visible light other than that projected by the computer screen is the cracked door over Skye’s right shoulder. The light of both the cracked door and the computer screen reveal the filming is taking place in Skye’s room. Trendy music plays throughout the video.
NOTE: Skye is—at the time of filming—a 25 years old college student of the University of [redacted]. Friends say she was pretty and popular, in a relationship with [redacted] (alibi cleared) and had several friends but lived with her grandmother while attending college. Mrs. [redacted] Jameson—at the time of filming—has left on a vacation to visit family in [redacted] but left her 7 year old female German shepherd named Hilda, for Skye to care for.

Skye: “Hey there my peeps! Glad you joined me tonight. I hope you enjoy tonight’s video and if you do, remember to like, thumbs-ups, and all that good stuff to show your support and help this channel grow.”

<NOTE: at the time of filming the Channel “Sky Girl” had 248 users. All but 29 have been cleared.>
*show continues for several minutes of Skye talking about the subject of anime, video games and the occasional current event. Tonight’s subject includes a review of an anime called Soul Eater and the video game Diablo 3. Occasionally, she answers questions posted by users viewing the show. At the time-stamp of 10 minutes 36 seconds, the door swings open, seemingly of its own accord.

“…and I hear from user ‘best-N-classy’ that the final boss—Eep!” [she flinched away and looks down to her right. Her startled expression gives way to giggles.]
“Oh, hi Hilda!” [her hand reaches down and appears to stroke the dog off-screen] “God, you scared me. Silly girl, you know better than to scare me.”
[The petting suddenly ceases and Skye’s gaze seems to follow the dog as it goes behind her to Skye’s left. After a moment deep growling can barely be heard, presumably from the dog.]
“What’s up girl? You see something?”
[turns to face the camera] “Sorry peeps. My dog, Hilda, wanted to say hi but is kinda spooked ATM, so please, bear with me. One sec!”
[Skye gets up from armchair and disappears off-screen. The nearly inaudible growling stops while Skye’s voice can be heard speaking quiet reassurances. A few seconds later her voice stops. The silence is broken by a gasp. Skye suddenly appears onscreen looking directly into the camera. Her expression is one of fear and shock.]
“There is someone outside my place totally staring at me. I don’t know what the he looks like but he is seriously giving off a creep-factor of 11. Sorry guys, gonna havta cut this video short. Don’t worry about me: I’m calling the cops.” [after a moment looking off to the left] “Hope to see you soon.” [she absently reaches for mouse while staring to the left] “God, I hope it’s not a stalker—”

[It is not clear if Skye simply failed to stop the recording out of stress or if it was her intent to record the events. Regardless, all future events were recorded by the computer.]
NOTE: Emergency Services were called at approx. 11:49pm. The following is the transcript of the phone call:
*For the duration of the phone call, Skye only becomes visible to the computer’s camera on the periphery of the screen while she speaks to the operator.

911 Operator: 911, what’s your emergency?
Skye: There is some creepy guy outside my house. I think he’s spying on me. Can you, like, send someone over?
911 Operator: What is your address ma’am?
Skye: [redacted]
911 Operator: Thank you. And your name ma’am?
Skye: My name is Skye.
911 Operator: Skye? And your last name?
Skye: J-Jameson. Oh god, please can you send someone quick? He’s really creeping me out.
911 Operator: Okay Ms. Jameson. Is he trespassing or making any lewd actions?
Skye: No, he’s just staring at me. Oh, God.
911 Operator: Can you describe him to me?
Skye: He’s a guy dressed in a hoodie and jeans.
911 Operator: Can you tell what race he is?
Skye: What race? Oh, no. I can’t. It’s dark and the streetlight’s out. [dog barks] Oh, God, please can you send someone now? I think he sees me! [dog continues barking]
911 Operator: Alright, ma’am units are on the way. Stay with me, now. Is that a dog with you?
Skye: [dog barking escalates] Y-yes, it’s my dog, Hilda.
911 Operator: Is the guy—
Skye: [gasps]
911 Operator: Ms. Jameson?
Skye: Oh, God! He’s coming! Oh, God. Ohgawd! [glass shatters]

[The call ends, but through the computer’s recording shattered glass flies into view. Skye screams. The dog is heard presumably attacking the assailant. Strange hissing and shrieks are heard mingle with Skye’s screams. The girl is seen just briefly crossing the computer’s field of vision and disappearing through the open door into the house. The dog Hilda suddenly gives several yelps of pain before going silent. A figure appears in front of the computer—seeming to crawl onto the chair like a spider—dressed in a grey hoodie and jeans.]
NOTE: experts agree that the way the man—and it is agreed the suspect is male—moves is anything but human.
[The figure pauses a moment and turns to the screen. Through some trick of the light, shadow covers the top half of the man’s face. The lower half is covered in gore and blood—presumably belonging to the dog, which was found at the scene of the crime with fatal wounds described by the examiner as a “savage mauling”. The suspect smiles. <NOTE: everyone that has viewed the recording agrees the smile is “too wide” or “too broad”, stretching from ear to hear, revealing sharp, pointed teeth similar to a shark’s> The suspect is heard speaking only two words before knocking the camera away with a swipe of his arm.]

Suspect: “Show’s over.”

[Skye Jameson’s location is presently unknown. Blood identified as belonging to her was found at the scene. Suspect is currently at large.]
Writing Prompt 1
This I wrote as a part of my group's writing challenge. The prompt went something like this: "your dog barks at the window, as you pull her back you see a face staring back at you..."
So I thought I'd submit a piece I wrote not too long ago just to let those that care here on DA know I still live. However, when I try to label my work as Literature/Prose/Fiction/Horror/Short Story (and just about any other variation) I get the message "that category doesn't allow this type of deviation".
Why not?
Has DA--with its hip new symbol--become snobbish and only allow premium members to submit art now? or is it simply because I'm not a paying member i can only submit a certain number of art?
Your thoughts or advice please!
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"A world without dragons is not a world worth living in." --Drizzt, Streams of Silver

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