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My Strike Team by bestania My Strike Team :iconbestania:bestania 4 0
Mature content
Writing Prompt 1 :iconbestania:bestania 0 0
The One Left Behind
The One Left Behind
by D.E.Bryson
There are few things as wonderful to watch as dragons at play. Sure, the sight of celestial angels or carefree fairies may hold the hearts of many, but to actually behold dragons at play is a sight few have ever witnessed. Dragons, creatures of pure power, natural engines of destruction and awesome grandeur, at joyous play is a sight few ever stop to consider. The massive dragons flying effortlessly though the air, dodging in and out to merrily brush another dragon in a game only those that had left the bounds of gravity behind could enjoy. Entangling their tails in frivolous affection and clenching their paws together as they spun in the air is a wonder in marvelous ecstasy.
But one of them could not enjoy it.
In the air far above, dozens of dragons flew the skies with their mates and children. Many were at play or simply enjoying the clear blue sky and warm sun provided by the day. Each had another to share their joy with. A feeling of bright happine
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What Happened?
What Happened?
by D.E. Bryson
Why doesn't she look at me? Why doesn't she talk to me when I speak to her?
Every night it's been the same. I return from work only to find her staring distantly at the glow of the TV or a computer screen. I try to say a kind word, but does she hear? I can't say. Is it me she's talking to? I'm never sure. Each time I try touching her she moves away from me, recoiling in pain. I wince, knowing her condition. Her pain is a constant and only by losing herself in another world can her bone-deep pain be forgotten. Touch is agony to her. Rarely is it ever bearable. More often than not the pain is crippling.
It pains me to see her in such pain. It wounds me to know I am powerless to help. Doctors have time and again tried to treat her but with little or no results.
"Pain is hard to diagnose," one doctor told us.
Others saw her pain and discounted it for naught. I hear their biting words. They say she is faking her condition for sympathy and attention. They accuse
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My Favorite Characters meme by bestania My Favorite Characters meme :iconbestania:bestania 2 1
By D.E. Bryson
My name is Jeremy. I just moved to A-grease-spot-on-the-road, Texas. That's not the real name but should be.
Where do I move from? I'm not telling. Nothing personal but my 'Dad' would get a little miffed if I did. The whole, 'someone might start asking questions, then start putting two and two together, and we'd be in trouble' bit.
Anyways, I'm only 18 years old and starting my senior year at the local high school.
Yay me… Senior year.
As a stranger.
With no friends.
Trouble is this hillbilly town's major religion is High-School Football. I found out fast that if you aren't on the team, the cheer squad, the band, or anything else that supports the team throughout the year, you are an outsider, and everyone knew it. And outsiders apparently have some target painted on their heads, or a sign brightly lit by neon lights saying, 'pick on me'. The jocks torment you. The cheerleaders—well all the cute girls—turn their noses up at you. Even the ba
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Mature content
The Tracker :iconbestania:bestania 0 3
Mature content
Monstrous Justice :iconbestania:bestania 1 0
Into the Depths
Into the Depths
by D. E. Bryson
Ron and his wife, Marren, were lovers of two things: diving and mysteries. Particularly, old and cryptic mysteries that seem to be make their home in Old Europe. The mystery of the day was an odd one they picked up from teenagers. They told the couple, with a dash of bravado, about a lake up in the mountains with an odd dome-shaped formation at the lake's bed. The ones who had braved the muddy depths tell tale of a door of some metal that hasn't rusted.
Being in the area, Ron insisted they go for a dive and see this door. Marren was reluctant at first but agreed in the end. However, it seemed the instant they decided to go and asked for directions to the lake, they were accosted with pleas not to go. One woman that gave them directions to the lake, asked with an air of suspicion, why they were going to that lake. Before the reason was all the way past their lips, she gave a howl of terror. Tears leaked down her face. She begged and pleaded, on both of he
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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
An appreciator of art, writer of stories and creator of worlds. From dreams, heroes and villains are born. I love to see other's dreams through their art and word.
Never stop dreaming

Current Residence: Spanish Fork, UT
Favorite genre of music: Rock
Favorite cartoon character: Yang Xiao Long, Ryoko, Toph, Matoko Kusinagi
Favorite Marvel Comic Heroes: Psylocke, Onslaught, Thor, Eddie Brock Venom (and Anti-Venom), X-23, Surge, & Deadpool (that guy cracks me up)
Favorite DC Heroes: Wonder Woman and Batman... (not a fan of DC really)
Favorite Animes: Ghost in the Shell, Robotech: Macross Saga, Avatar series, Escaflowne, Hellsing, Full Metal Alchemist, RWBY
Least Favorite things: Vampires--with the notable exceptions of the following: Alucard (Hellsing), Alucard (Castlevania), Blade, and D (Vampire Hunter D), though I suppose the last three are only half-vamps...
Dream Job as a Kid: Fighter Pilot
Favorite Movie Monsters: Obviously the Big G Godzilla, Xenomorph (Aliens for the uninformed), Predators, & Dinosaurs

Personal Quote: "I didn't do it!"
"A world without dragons is not a world worth living in." --Drizzt, Streams of Silver


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